TopLog is part of the General Inductive Logic Programming System (GILPS) developed by José Carlos Almeida Santos. GILPS is written in Prolog and requires at least YAP 6.0. TopLog makes use of Top Directed Hypothesis Derivation to learn Prolog theories.


To make use of the GILPS an installed YAP system is required. There are YAP software packages for the most common Linux distributions as well as binary and source distributions on the YAP web page. In any case you should make sure that the YAP executable is in your $PATH.

Having installed YAP, the actual GILPS can be downloaded at The tar archive contains the GILPS Prolog sources which need to be extracted to SML-Bench/learningsystems/toplog. The directory should then contain at least the following files:

SML-Bench/learningsystems/toplog $ ls -F
Makefile  run*  source/  validate*

No further steps are required. In particular there is no need to call make.


GILPS sources from 2009-03-13

YAP 6.0