Aleph (SWI Prolog Port)


Aleph ILP system ported to SWI Prolog.


To be able to use this Aleph port an installed SWI Prolog system is required. There are SWI Prolog software packages for the most common Linux distributions as well als binary and source distributions on the SWI Prolog website. In any case you should make sure that the SWI Prolog executable swipl is in your $PATH.

The actual Aleph port is provided on GitHub or on the SWI Prolog packs repository. To install Aleph run either

?- pack_install('').


?- pack_install(aleph).

Afterwards Aleph should be loadable in an interactive Prolog session like so:

?- use_module(library(aleph)).


Aleph Version 5

SWI Prolog 8.0.2 or higher